Upload from Windows

a la mode’s Vault tools include a plug-in for Windows Explorer that lets you upload files directly to the Vault as you browse your computer.

To upload files from Windows Explorer:

  1. Navigate to the folders that store your reports in Windows.
  2. Select the file or files you want to send to the Vault and then right-click any one of the highlighted files.

    If you're browsing through your files in Windows Explorer, you can view your report's data at a glance using the features described in the View Report Info section of this User's Guide to help you find the report you wish to send to the Vault.

  3. From the menu that appears, click Send to Vault.

    Send To Vault

  4. Choose your preferred upload option:

    Send Files to Vault

  5. After choosing an option, your system either connects to the Vault immediately or waits until the next scheduled connection to send files.

Every time you upload files to your Vault account, whether you do it manually or automatically, you receive an e-mail confirmation of the transfer.  This e-mail contains a session summary with a complete list of every file that was uploaded, the number of files that made it to the Vault, the number of files stored on our server, and the number of files left in your account.  This acts as your “receipt” of the transaction.