Getting Started

a la mode’s Vault is the only online storage service specifically designed for use by appraisers.  More than simply allocating space on our server, we also index key items from the files themselves to assist in your management of them.  Your files are easily located in your private, secure storage area by address, date, map reference, legal description, file number, etc.

Vault checks your files for updates as often as you tell it.  You never have to lift a finger.  And because Vault runs in the background while you work, updates are automatically sent to our secure servers.  Vault always has a recent copy of your reports stored online.  If you prefer to manage your files on your own, you can disable the automatic upload options and manually upload your files.

Included with Vault is Exact.  Exact helps you back up your personal user settings, QuickLists, comps database, and contacts.  Instead of reconfiguring from scratch after getting a new system or recovering from a failure, Vault with Exact gets you back on track fast.

This short User’s Guide takes you through the installation, configuration, and use of Vault and Exact tools.  For a printed copy of this user’s guide, click here.

To begin, log in to your account here and click My Downloads on the left to install and configure Vault with Exact.  To access the Vault video library for instructions, click here.