Print Settings

TOTAL Sketch's Print settings allow you to include additional summaries or calculations in your report print outs and, of course, give you control over printer margins, paper size, and print orientation. To customize your print settings:

  1. From TOTAL Sketch's Preferences, click the Print tab.

  2. Apply your preferred options. Options include:
    Include Area Calculation Summary
    Check this box to add a section to the bottom of each page in your sketch detailing the area calculations for each defined area in your sketch.
    Include Area Calculation Details
    Check this box to include details of how TOTAL Sketch derived the final area total.
    Print Details on Separate Page
    By default, TOTAL Sketch tries to print both the area calculation summary and the area calculation details on the same page. Check this box to print each on a separate page.
    Print Property Information
    Includes the property information in a header on each page of your print out.
    Show Area Labels
    Check this box to display area labels in your print out.
    Include Data Summary Page
    Check this box to add a full print out of your inspection notes and photos. Keep in mind that TOTAL Sketch isn't a full formfilling software package so this option does not print the property details on an official appraisal form.
  3. When you're finished, click OK to accept your print options.