If you own a Bluetooth DISTO laser measuring device and you use a machine with Bluetooth capability, you can use it in conjunction with TOTAL Sketch to simultaneously measure a home and draw your sketch while in the field.

Connecting Your DISTO

Before you can start drawing your sketch with a DISTO, you must first establish a connection between TOTAL Sketch and your DISTO device.  To do so:

  1. Enable the Bluetooth on your machine. The steps for this may vary, depending on the device you're using. Refer to your manufacturer's instructions for turning on Bluetooth.
  2. Turn on your DISTO laser measuring device and click the Bluetooth button (  ) to enable the wireless connection.
  3. Pair the DISTO with your machine within your Bluetooth connections. Refer to your DISTO's manufacturer for specific instructions on how to pair, as each model is slightly different.
  4. In a sketch in TOTAL Sketch, Tools, and select Connect DISTO and TOTAL Sketch will attempt to establish a connection with your DISTO.

Drawing with Your DISTO

Drawing with your DISTO is as simple as taking a measurement with the DISTO and then pressing the correct directional arrow key on the DISTO to indicate the general direction of the line.  For exact details on taking measurements with your DISTO and using its directional arrow keys, please refer to the user guide provided with your DISTO.

Disconnecting Your DISTO

To disconnect TOTAL Sketch from your DISTO, click Tools, then select Disconnect DISTO.