License Manager

With TOTAL Sketch Pro's License Manager, you're able to manage available TOTAL Sketch Pro licenses, as well as assign rights for individuals in your office. Administrator accounts (typically the account holder), or those granted Assignment Rights by the administrator, can assign or revoke licenses. Only the administrator can grant Assignment Rights to other accounts.

To access the License Manager while you're in a sketch, click Tools, then click License Manager near the bottom of the list.

Once you've opened the License Manager, you have multiple settings to choose from:

1. General Information
—  In this section, you're shown general information about your TOTAL Sketch Pro license, as well as who you're currently logged in as and how many licenses are still available.
—  To switch users, click Switch user next to your username, then enter the new Username and Password.
—  If you need to purchase more TOTAL Sketch Pro licenses, simply click Buy more licenses to be taken to the TOTAL Store.
2. Account Information
—  Here, you're able to view who the Administrator is on the account, view and change TOTAL Sketch Pro licenses, and grant or revoke Assignment Rights from a user.
—  To assign a user a TOTAL Sketch Pro license or grant Assignment Rights, just click the checkbox next to their username. If you don't have any available TOTAL Sketch Pro licenses available, you're unable to check the checkbox until you either release a license from another user or purchase another TOTAL Sketch Pro license.

Once you're finished configuring the License and Assignment Rights, click Save to commit your changes.