Delete Structures

To delete a structure, area, or room in TOTAL for Mobile:

  1. With a report open in TOTAL for Mobile, tap the menu icon (  ) and press Structure. Or, simply tap the Structure PowerView icon (  ) on the left.

  2. Tap the drop‑down menu to view the list of structures in your report.
  3. Press Edit on the upper left to edit the list, and tap the delete icon (  ) beside the structure, area, or room you want to remove.

    The Property and Dwelling structure are required and can't be deleted. However, keep in mind that deleting any other structures or areas deletes all of the areas, rooms, and data contained within. For example, if you were to delete the First Floor area in the image above, it would also delete Bedroom, Living, and Kitchen from the list.
  4. Press the Delete button (  ) to confirm deletion.

  5. When you're finished, press Done on the upper right to return to your list of structures, areas, and rooms.