Delivery from TOTAL

  TOTAL Connect Pro contract not required
  MISMO XML delivery from other formfillers not supported
  Orders not available through XSite or Mercury Network

If you haven't installed TOTAL Connect, click here for instructions.  Otherwise, to deliver your report to StreetLinks from TOTAL Connect:

  1. Open your report in TOTAL, click the drop-down arrow beside the Deliver to Client icon (  ) and hover over Deliver with TOTAL Connect.
  2. Select StreetLinks from the list of plugins.
  3. In the TOTAL Print Engine double-click to select the forms in your report you want to include in the final document.  Set any other options necessary, and click OK.
  4. From the list of plug-ins., select StreetLinks and click Next.
  5. Enter your a la mode username and password and click OK.
  6. Enter your StreetLinks Appraiser ID and Password, then click Next.

    Log in StreetLinks

  7. Select the correct appraiser from the list.  Then, select the appropriate order for this delivery based on the address and click Next.

    Select appraiser name and order

  8. If this is your first time delivering a report using the StreetLinks plugin, you're required to acknowledge that you have read the AI Ready Conversion Details before proceeding.  Check the box on the lower left to indicate that you have read the details, and click OK.

    Conversion Details

  9. On the following screen, you're presented with a list of forms in your report:

    List of supported forms

    Review the information and click Next.

  10. In some cases, the delivery wizard is unable to convert your digital signature.  If this screen appears, click Browse to locate and manually attach your digital signature file (and the supervisor signature if necessary).  Check the box to Reuse this signature the next time to avoid this step the next time you deliver, and/or click Next to proceed.

    Attach Signature File

  11. On the Final Screen, click OADI Viewer to review your report before submitting it to StreetLinks.  When you're finished, close the OADI Viewer to return to the delivery wizard.

    Launch OADI Viewer

  12. Once you've reviewed your report in the OADI Viewer, click Send to deliver your report to StreetLinks.  After clicking Send, the Delivery Results page indicates whether or not the delivery was successful, and displays the current report status post-delivery.  Click Close to exit the delivery wizard.

    Send To Clear Capital