View order details

As you click on each order, any details about that order appear in the Order Info panel at the bottom of the window.  That information is organized into the following tabs:

Order Details

This tab shows detailed assignment information such as fees and due dates.  It also shows the subject property information, as well as any contact information relevant to completing the report.

A banner is displayed at the top of the Details tab that offers a link where you can log in to your client's order management portal, update the status of the order, and communicate with your client.

This tab displays a complete history of every event related to the order from order placement all the way to delivery.  This includes messages, status changes, and anything else that has happened to the order.  Functionally, this is an "audit trail" for all order activity.

This tab displays any instructions that were included in the original order that was placed by the client.  If they did not supply any instructions, you simply see the text No instructions available.

This tab shows any available information about the client, appraiser, lender, and supervisor, as well as "bill to" and "ship to" information.  This info is displayed exactly as it was entered on the order, so if the client omitted any of these details, they do not show here.

The Documents tab allows you to view, save, and delete any documents that have been uploaded and attached to the order, as well as upload new documents.  Simply select the attached document from the list and click View Document, Save Document, or Delete accordingly.  To upload a new document, such as an invoice, click Attach Document and select the file you wish to upload.

Similarly, you can double-click any order in the list to open the order details in a separate window and view the History, Instructions, Contacts, and Documents tabs as mentioned above.  When in Order Details, click the Update Client button to automatically sign into your client's order management portal to view and manage that order.