Delivery from SFREP

If you haven't installed TOTAL Connect, click here for instructions.  Otherwise, to deliver your report to DataCourier from SFREP:

  1. Make sure you have the latest updates for your software.
  2. Open your report in your formfilling software, click Orders on the upper left, and select Mercury Desktop Integration.

    TOTAL Connect Integration

    You can also deliver your report from within TOTAL Connect.  Make sure that you've saved a copy of your report in MISMO XML format from SFREP, then click here to view the delivery instructions.
  3. Enter your a la mode login information, check Remember my password to avoid re-entering your username and password each time you deliver, and click OK.

    Enter your a la mode login information

  4. Select the report pages to include, and click Create PDF.

    Create PDF

  5. In the Select delivery destination window, select DataCourier, and click Next.

    Select DataCourier

  6. TOTAL Connect runs a quick UARR review of your report before delivery.  If the UARR review finds any errors that are considered to be "critical," the Delivery Wizard notifies you.  Click Cancel to stop the delivery process and correct the error.  When the errors have been addressed, begin the delivery again.

    UARR Review

    If there are any errors or warnings:

  7. If there are no errors, or if you've reviewed the warnings and errors and determined that no changes are necessary, click Next to proceed.
  8. In the Delivery details dialog, enter the information relevant to your delivery:

  9. When you've entered all the necessary delivery information, click Send to deliver the message.