WinTOTAL Aurora — Upload XML & PDF to a web portal

You may have clients that request you upload your report MISMO XML file to their web portal.  Often, this means you'll need to remember the URL for the site, your username, a password, and even more details in some cases.  If you're working with more than just a couple of these portals, that's a lot of information to keep track of.  DataCourier's SmartBrowser will make things considerably easier.

  1. Click Deliver to Client and choose Upload to client using SmartBrowser.

    DataCourier Delivery

  2. An E&O check will be run, and if errors are found, you'll have a couple of options:
    Run E&O Now
    The E&O view shows details about the errors that were found - UAD and otherwise.  Note that you can double click an error description and be taken to the field in the form to correct it.  The Details option shows a more narrative description of everything checked, and the Client Instructions option allows you to write notes, possibly describing why there may be errors, that will get transmitted with the XML and be viewable by the client.
    Deliver Anyway
    This means you're okay with any errors that were found and/or have explained why it was necessary to leave these errors in the file.  If you're leaving any UAD errors, you can expect to explain your reasons to your client when they submit the report to UCDP, since they'll receive a report of any errors.
  3. When the WinTOTAL Print Engine appears, mark the pages you want to include in the PDF of the report, then click OK.  This creates the PDF that will be embedded in your MISMO XML file.
  4. Now, the SmartBrowser opens, and there are a few components that you'll want to notice: