Retrieve Location Maps

To retrieve a location map and place it in your report:

  1. Begin by accessing the Forms PowerView.
  2. Click the Add Map drop-down arrow and select Location Map Only.

    Add Location Map Only

  3. Toggle the map type between Road, Aerial, or Bird’s Eye based on you or your client’s preference.
  4. Use the magnifying glass icons, or the scroll wheel on your mouse to adjust the zoom level.

    Change Map Type and Zoom

  5. Click and drag the map panel to adjust its positioning.
  6. Click and drag the property balloons or the balloon pointers to adjust their location or position.
  7. Double click a property balloon to edit or add information.

    Change Balloon Text

  8. Annotate your map as necessary using the options at the bottom. Click here for more information on annotating your map.
  9. Select a Page Title from the drop-down, or manually enter a new Page Title on the lower right. The page title is set to Location Map by default.
  10. To display or remove a thumbnail image of the subject property, click the show/hide image thumbnails icon.

    Show/hide image thumbnails

  11. Click Finish to transfer the Location map back to your report.