Field Locking & Overrides

TOTAL automates the formfilling process by using relevant pieces of your report (like the subject address) to fill out related fields on all of the forms in your report. At times, you may need to prevent these data transfers or override the default formatting on a field because of a special-case scenario with a report. In TOTAL, there are two ways to do this: field-locking and overrides.


Field Locking

For cases where you need to override the data that TOTAL automatically transfers into a field from another area of your report, you can use field locking. To lock a field from transfers:

  1. In a report in TOTAL, click the field you wish to lock.
  2. Click Forms, Lock Field from Transfers in the menus.

Then, fill out the field with any information and TOTAL will leave it in place instead of overriding your input with a transfer from elsewhere in your report. In TOTAL, locked fields are given a green background to make them easy to identify.

To remove field locks from your report at a later time, just click the locked field and click the lock again OR click the Forms menu and choose either Remove Locks from Current Report or Remove Locks from All Forms.


Field Overrides

Field overrides provide a way for you to bypass TOTAL's typical field formatting. In practice, this is most useful for overriding the numbers-only restriction in some form fields for those special cases where you need to write a short note or response in the field instead of a value or dollar figure. To override the default formatting for a special-case field in your report:

  1. In a report in TOTAL, click the field you wish to override.
  2. Type the response you need to use in the field and press F6.

TOTAL automatically saves the value to the field as you typed it.