Using this Guide

We hope this User's Guide provides a good reference as you begin using TOTAL. Here's a short guide to help you get the most of this resource and information on how to navigate it.

Back and Next Icons
The Back and Next icons (    ) on the upper right allow you to go back one page or move forward one page in the User's Guide.
Home icon
The home icon (  ) takes you to the first page in the User's Guide.
The print icon (  ) allows you to print a hard copy of the page your are currently viewing.
The email icon (  ) allows you to send a link to the page you're currently viewing in the User's Guide via email. This is useful if you would like to email yourself links to pages for later viewing, or if you need to share the information with someone else.
The support icon (  ) takes you to the a la mode support page.
The Table of Contents (  ) allows you to navigate through the chapters of the User's Guide. Clicking an arrow icon (  ) expands a section that contains additional articles.
Many pages contain both text and photos. In addition, some of the text will be blue like this. This "blue" text is called a hyperlink. When you click on it, you're taken to another section of the User's Guide or another support page which further explains or illustrates a topic.
The Search feature (  ) on the lower left provides full-text search capabilities for this guide. From here just enter the words you want to find within topics. Press Enter, or click the magnifying glass to view a list of all pages containing your search criteria. To view a page, simply click it to display it in the pane on the right.
Search is particularly useful when you want to find a section of the help file that is unique, but you're not sure where it is in the Table of Contents, or when you want to find all instances of a word within the help file.