Undock PowerViews

New to TOTAL is the ability to undock PowerViews.  This is especially helpful in multi-monitor environments because you can undock certain PowerViews and move them to a separate monitor.  This provides you additional screen "real estate" for the main TOTAL window, while allowing quick and easy access to other frequently-used tools.  Keep everything on screen and within reach without having to toggle back and forth.

PowerViews that can be undocked into their own window are the Addenda PowerView, E&O PowerView, Workfile PowerView, and Notes PowerView.  The PowerViews that can be undocked are easily discernible because they are marked with an undock icon ( Undock Icon ) .

To undock a PowerView:

  1. Click the undock icon ( Undock Icon ).
  2. Click and drag the header of the new window to the desired position.

To dock a PowerView back into TOTAL, simply click ( Dock Icon ) , or close the window.  To dock all PowerViews back into your toolbar at once, click Window in your menu bar, and select Dock All in the drop-down menu.

When you click the Dock icon, TOTAL returns to that PowerView in the main window.  Closing an undocked window by clicking the X on the upper right keeps the PowerView you're currently viewing open and simply closes the undocked window.