Square Foot Adjuster

The Square Foot Adjuster allows you to easily adjust for differences in the square footage of all comparables in one easy step.

  1. Ensure that the sales price and square footage for all comparables have been entered.
  2. After the price and square footage has been established, click Tools, and select Square Foot Adjuster from the drop-down menu (or press Ctrl + G on your keyboard).

  3. The first section of the Square Foot Adjuster shows you the methods available for calculating the adjustment.  Choose the method you want to use for your calculation and set the parameters that determine if the adjustment is relevant, the SF Adjuster shows you the resultant net/gross percentages as they appear on the form.
  4. Click OK to merge the adjustment figures into the current report.

If for some reason, you must change the square footage of a comparable after running the adjuster, be sure to load the SF Adjuster again so that it can recalculate the adjustments.