Deliver XML to a web portal using SmartBrowser

Some clients request that you upload your report in MISMO XML format using their web portal.  Often, this means you'll need to remember the URL for the site, your username, a password, and even more details in some cases.  If you're working with more than just a couple of these portals, that's a lot of information to keep track of.  DataCourier's SmartBrowser makes things considerably easier.

  1. Click the drop‑down arrow beside the Deliver to Client icon (  ) and select Upload to Client using SmartBrowser.

  2. An E&O check automatically runs, and if any errors are found, you have a couple of options:

    If No UAD errors are found, you're automatically taken to the TOTAL print engine where you select the pages to be delivered.

  3. When the TOTAL Print Engine appears, select the pages you want to include in the PDF copy of the report, then click Continue.  This creates the PDF that is embedded in your MISMO XML file.
  4. Now, the SmartBrowser opens, and there are a few components to be aware of:

    To insert data from your report into a field on your clients portal:

    1. Place your cursor in the field on your client's portal (displayed on the right side of SmartBrowser) where the information will be transferred- let's use Subject Address for example.
    2. On the QuickData tab, click the Copy Icon ( copy to ) in the Address field.  The address information is populated in the field where you placed your cursor.  You can repeat this process for most any field found on your client's portal (because they generally require very similar information.)
      Fields on the clients portal that require you to click Browse and select the location of the MISMO XML or the PDF, can be inserted instead using the Copy Icon ( copy to ) next to the XML or PDF file path on the QuickData tab.
      SmartBrowser's copy/paste functionality is retrofit, and may not work on every website.  If this functionality is not supported by your client's website, you must upload your report manually.  Click here for instructions on manually saving a MISMO XML and PDF copy of your report.
    3. When the necessary information has been entered, use the button on the portal to Submit, Send, Upload, or the site's equivalent button to upload the files and information to the client.
    4. When the upload is complete, click the X in the upper-right corner to close SmartBrowser.  When you do, you're asked if the upload was successful or not.  Mark the correct option to store a record of this transmission in your DataCourier account (coming soon) and update the status of the file in TOTAL.