Search Results

The Search Results pane is where you view all of your available comps, and where you mark the comparables you want to place in your report. TOTAL has two views for your search results, a Map view, and a Grid view. If you have used the Comps Database in a previous version of WinTOTAL, you're probably already familiar with the grid view. The same features that were available in WinTOTAL are also present in TOTAL's Comps database grid, as well as some new features too. The Map view is a new addition and is only available in TOTAL. The Map view instantly displays the comparables that meet your search criteria by geocoding them and placing them using Google maps. This allows you to quickly determine which comps are going to work for your report, and which comps will not, not to mention a host of other tools that assist you in narrowing your search results and deciding which comps are the best to use in your report.