ScheduleAssist Settings

Follow the instructions below to adjust your ScheduleAssist settings:

  1. From TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop, go to the ScheduleAssist tab.
  2. Click your username on the upper right, and select Configure Settings.
  3. Adjust your settings:
    Business Hours
    Adjust the business hours you configured in Step 4 of the Dirst Time Setup. Choose a Start time and End Time for each day, or toggle the switch to the right of a day to enable (  ) or disable it (  ).

    Adjust your optimization settings for automatic scheduling. Specify the number of minutes, hours, or days needed for each option.

    Scheduling Text
    Choose a template from the list on the left to edit the message text on the right. Use the Insert Field dropdown to insert data points from your report. Enter a new template name to create a new template, or click the delete icon (  )  to the right of a template to delete it.

    User Information
    Enter or adjust the mobile number, name, company name, and the address you want to use as your starting point when determining the best route and driving times. This information is used within ScheduleAssist only and can be different than your user and office information in TOTAL.

    The name and company name entered here are used in messages to your contact, and the mobile number you enter is where automated notifications from ScheduleAssist are sent.

    The address information you enter is only used to calculate best routes and driving times, and isn't provided to the contact.

  4. When you're finished, click Save.