Print reports to PDF

To print your report to PDF:

  1. In an open report in TOTAL, click File on the upper left, and select Print Report to PDF from the drop‑down menu.
  2. In the screen that appears check the box beside each page you want to print. To select all pages, click Mark All. To deselect all pages, click Un-mark All. If you're printing a signed report and want to print only the forms you've signed, click Mark Signed.
  3. In the TOC column check only the pages you want to show in the Table of Contents and display a page number.

  4. Choose your PDF Settings using the panel on the right:

    Select the printing profile to be used for this job. Click Configure to edit your printing profiles and select which printer(s) to use and to adjust the scale and margins for your document.
    Print Copy to Workfile
    Copies an original version of your report PDF into your Workfile so that you have a time-stamped copy of your original PDF in case you need it.
    Do not prompt for PDF filename
    Automatically prints the report to PDF using your report's filename and saves it to the output path configured in your PDF settings.
    Launch PDF viewer
    When enabled, the PDF file opens in your default PDF viewer (such as Adobe Reader) when it finishes printing.
    Enable PDF security
    Allows you to password protect your PDF so that a password is required to make changes to the document.
    Shrink legal sized pages to letter size
    When enabled, this option shrinks any legal sized forms in your report to fit on a letter sized (8½×11) page.
    Create a separate PDF for each invoice
    This option creates an additional, separate PDF file for each invoice in your report.
    Output path
    This specifies the default location where your PDF file is saved. Click configure to browse for and select another location.
    Page handling
    Allows you to print multiple copies of a selected page in your report. Select a page from the list of forms on the left, or hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard to select multiple pages, and enter the number of copies to print in the Include X copies of highlighted page box on the right.
  5. When you're finished, click Print to create the PDF file.