Link Fields

Once your Worksheet is open, you can link data from any field on your form into any cell in the Worksheet.

  1. With your Worksheet open, select the field in the form that you want linked in the Worksheet.
  2. Place your cursor in the cell where you want to insert data from the selected field.
  3. Click Link Field ( Worksheet Link Field ) in the Worksheet Toolbar. The background color of the cell in your Worksheet changes to red to indicate it's a linked field.

    Link Field to Worksheet

Once they're linked, the field data from the form transfers into the Worksheet cell. To demonstrate it's a live link, change the field on the form and watch it change in the Worksheet as soon as you press Enter, or when your cursor leaves the field!

You can link fields from more than one form in your report. However, fields must be linked to and from the Forms PowerView — linking fields and cells in other PowerViews is not supported.

Link Cells

Taking data from your Worksheet and inserting it into a form is just the reverse:

  1. With your Worksheet open, place your cursor in the Worksheet cell containing the data you want to place in your form.
  2. Select the field in the form.
  3. Click Link Cell ( Worksheet Link Field ) in the Worksheet toolbar.

Once they're linked, the cell background turns yellow to indicate it's a linked field.

When linking fields, keep in mind that you're unable to link to checkboxes, only text and/or number fields.