General Settings

TOTAL's general settings let you customize how the program opens, where it saves your data, and more.  To get started:

  1. In TOTAL, click Tools, then Configure Settings.
  2. Click the General tab on the left.

    Choose which screen to show by default when you start TOTAL.  Additionally, you can force the Appraisal Desktop to close when you open a report.
    Data paths & program connectivity
    If you want to change the folders or drives on your PC where TOTAL stores your reports, images, or thumbnails, use the Browse buttons.

    For example, you may want TOTAL to save your report data to an alternate drive, such as the D:\ drive, to save space on C:\.  To do this:

    1. Create a folder on your D:\ drive.  Give it a distinctive name, like "Reports."
    2. From TOTAL's General Settings screen, click Browse next to Public Reports.
    3. Navigate to the folder you just created, select it, and click OK.

    Note that only your Public (Shared) Reports can be redirected.  Your local My Reports folder stays wherever TOTAL was installed.

    Regional settings
    Indicate whether you want TOTAL to use U.S. or Canadian forms.
    PowerView dock settings
    Toggle the undocking/docking functionality that allows some tabs (Photos, Sketch, etc.) to "pop out" from the main window.
    SmartFilters settings
    Check the first box to enable or disable SmartFilters in the Appraisal Desktop.  Check the second box to exclude reports from SmartFilters if the bill paid date or invoice date is prior to the date specified.
    Report Categories
    Create color‑coded categories to help organize your reports.  To use these categories from your Appraisal Desktop, right‑click on a file and select Categorize.
  3. When you're finished adjusting your settings, click Save & Close.