Find Contacts

TOTAL's Contacts PowerView provides several ways to help you find contacts quickly.  You can filter contacts based on the first letter of their last name or contact type, sort the contacts by the information in the contact, or search for a specific contact.

Filter Contacts

To filter contacts in your TOTAL contact manager:

  1. In TOTAL's Contacts PowerView, choose a contact type from the View menu.  Types include:

  2. If necessary, click a letter from the alphabet list in the upper right to filter your contacts by the first letter of the company name and/or the first letter of the contact's last name.

To remove the filters later, click All in the alphabet list and switch the View back to your preferred contact view (e.g. Individuals).

Sort Contacts

To sort the contacts in your TOTAL Contacts PowerView:

  1. In TOTAL's Contacts PowerView, filter the contacts down to the list of contacts you need.
  2. Click any column heading to alphabetically sort the contacts on screen by the information in that column.  Click the column again if you want to reverse the sort order for that column.  To sort the contacts by a different column, just click that column and TOTAL will both remove the sort on the previous column and sort the contacts by the new column.

Search for Contacts

To search for a specific contact in your TOTAL contact manager:

  1. In TOTAL's contact manager, type the information you want to search for into the Look For bar.

  2. Press Enter on the keyboard or click the magnifying glass icon in the Look For bar to apply your search.

To clear your search and return to all contacts later, click the black X in the Look For bar.