Enter Formulas

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Entering formulas in a Worksheet is the same as most other spreadsheets. Begin a formula by typing the equals key ( = ). Now, click in any other cell to use the contents of that cell in your calculation. For example, to concatenate and combine the contents of two cells separated by a slash ( / ):

Concatenation Formula

  1. In the Worksheet, place your cursor in the cell where you want the combined fields to appear.
  2. Type the formula below and replace B3 and B4 with the cells you're concatenating if those cells are different from the ones used in our example:


    Manually entering a formula

    The forward slash in quotation marks ( "/" ) indicates that you want to separate the data with a textual slash ( / ). You can replace the slash in the formula with a space, or any other separator you prefer, but remember to include the quotation marks any time you're inserting text.
  3. Keep in mind that you can also select which fields you want to combine by clicking them in the Worksheet instead of manually entering them in the formula. Just be sure to type a comma in your formula after each cell you select.

    Selecting cells for a formula

  4. Now, simply press Enter to concatenate the fields.
The cells you're combining may be linked to data in your form, or other cells in which you've manually entered data.