Delivery Via TOTAL Connect

Delivery via Plugins
Click this video to see it in action!

If you're using your XSite or Mercury Network to track orders, or if your client has their own delivery plugin, the TOTAL Connect delivery option is the delivery method to use. Before beginning the delivery process, TOTAL Connect must be installed and configured. Click here for step-by-step instructions on installing TOTAL Connect.

Once you have TOTAL Connect installed and configured, follow the instructions below to deliver your report using any of the TOTAL Connect plugins:

  1. Begin by clicking the drop‑down arrow beside the Deliver to Client icon  (  ) and hover over Deliver with TOTAL Connect.

  2. Select the appropriate plugin from the list.
  3. Follow the instructions in the delivery wizard to complete the delivery process.
When using TOTAL Connect to deliver your report, TOTAL will be unresponsive during the delivery process. If you need to modify your report, you must first cancel or finish the delivery to re‑enable interaction with TOTAL.

Click here to view the complete TOTAL Connect User's Guide, or click here to find step-by-step instructions specific to the plugin you're using.