Convert addresses to USPS standards

The Convert addresses to USPS standards tool shows the standardized USPS address for each property in your report and allows you to transfer the information back to your report. The standardization tool includes a number of features and options:

  1. Check the box in the Insert column to indicate that you want to transfer the standardized USPS data to your report. Or, uncheck the box next to a property to leave the address exactly as you originally entered it in the form.
  2. The confidence level of the available information is displayed using a red (  ), yellow (  ), or green indicator (  ) to the left of each property.
  3. The Property column shows you where the property appears in your report.
  4. The last two columns display the Address information you entered in your report right next to the Standardized U.S. Postal Service information, so you can easily compare the information and choose which data set to use.
  5. If you use a non‑standardized address in your report, or a property has a low confidence indicator and you believe the USPS data displayed isn't accurate, check the Assume all addresses are USPS Standardized box on the lower left to bypass that E&O rule for this report.
  6. Check the Append ZIP+4 box to include the extended 4‑digit code with the ZIP, and provide more specific location information.
  7. Once you've chosen your options, simply click OK to transfer the standardized addresses back to your report.