Conventions in this Guide

Before we get started, let’s cover a few of the conventions used throughout this guide to describe the processes you’ll use as you work in TOTAL.

Click, double-click and right-click
Most items are activated with a single click. If a double-click is necessary, this guide will tell you. To right-click, use the button on the right side of your mouse.
Menus are at the top of the window throughout TOTAL. They are labeled “File,” “Tools,” etc. to provide a general indication of what each menu contains.
Different sections of functionality in TOTAL are called “PowerViews”. When a report is open, you’ll notice tabs at the top labeled “Assignment,” “Forms,” “Side-by-Side,” etc. to indicate which functions each of these PowerViews contain. Simply click any of these tabs to switch PowerViews.
When this guide tells you to select something, it means to click it once. Often, an item that has been selected appears to be highlighted to indicate that you have selected it.
Throughout this guide, we’ll use the terms “window” and “dialog” when referring to the active screen.
Some windows within TOTAL have “tabs” to help you navigate through the content in the window. Tabs are effectively the same in TOTAL as tabs you may find on manila folders you’d use to file physical copies of important documents. You’ll notice these throughout TOTAL, particularly as you fill out your forms.
Links, URL's, web addresses, and hyperlinks
Each of these items refer to nearly the same thing. Links and hyperlinks are actually just words that you can click to “link” to another program, website, or other content. Typically, these ”links” are indicated by their appearance as they are often blue and underlined. ”Web addresses” and ”URL’s”refer to the address connected to the hyperlink. For instance, a link to our Video Library, would take you to the ”web address” or ”URL” of
Fields are any places in TOTAL - whether in a form or in a dialog box - where you can type information.
Drop-down lists
Often, fields in a TOTAL form or dialog box will have an arrow displayed on the right side of them. By clicking the arrow, you can access a list of items. You can also use the Alt+Down Arrow keyboard shortcut to open these lists.
Pop-up Lists
Similar to Drop-down lists, only they will appear either above or below the link you click, depending upon where they appear on your screen.