The Comps Database Grid view presents your comparables in an organized list with information displayed in customizable columns.

Property Placement and Geocoding

Each comparable in your database is geocoded, and the success of that geocoding is indicated by a red or green icon beside each comparable. In a perfect scenario, mapping software places every property exactly where it is located on a map, but, this isn't always the case. Newer properties don't always have available information, or sometimes the map image may be outdated for a particular area.

You can view the current placement of your properties that have a green indicator beside them in the Comps Database Map view, or right-click the property from the comps Grid and choose the option to Show on map to view it in a separate window. If a property does not have enough information available, or if there was a problem geocoding the address, it is indicated with a red icon. To Resolve gecodoing or placement issues:

  1. Right-click a property with a red icon in your Grid view, and choose the option to Place on map.
  2. In the window that appears, verify that the address information is entered correctly. Sometimes digits in the ZIP code can be accidentally transposed, or a simple typo can cause a geocoding issue. Once you have verified that the address is correct, click Geocode Again. If this corrects the placement, or geocodes the property correctly, click OK to save the information and return to the comps Grid. If the placement or geocoding is not corrected, proceed to the next step.

  3. Sometimes, mapping information for a property just isn't available. In this case you must manually place it on the map:
  4. When the property placement is correct, click OK to save the information and return to the comps Grid.

Edit Column Layout

To select which columns are displayed by default:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Grid view and select Edit Column Layout.
  2. From the list of Available Fields on the left, double‑click the ones you want to include, or select it and click the right arrow in the center. Similarly, double‑click any item in the Displayed Fields column on the right to remove it from your list of columns, or select it and click the left arrow in the center.

  3. Select an item from the list of Displayed Fields on the right and use the Up and Down arrow buttons to prioritize and adjust the order in which they appear in the Grid view.
  4. Click Save to save your changes and return to the Grid view.

Place Comps From Grid View

Check the box beside each property you want to place in you report. As you select comps, a Comps Marked button appears. Click Comps Marked to open a separate window and view the comps currently selected to be placed in your report. Uncheck a box in the comps grid, or from the Marked Comps window to remove them from the list of comps to be placed. Click Place in the Marked Comps window, or from the Comps Database toolbar to place them in your report

After placing the comps in your report, the comps database window remains open, and the Marked comps button that was present previously changes so that it now displays View placed comps in Side‑by‑Side. Click View placed comps in Side‑by‑Side to jump to them in the Side-by-Side PowerView.