Autofill subject data using Public Records

When you start a new report, TOTAL automatically looks up data for the subject address using Public Records. You can also retrieve Public Records data manually via the Data menu in an existing report. Simply choose the data you want to transfer to your report from the Data Preview window, and TOTAL automatically enters it directly into the forms. To customize the way Public Records data is inserted into your report, see the Report Transfer section of this User's Guide.

Follow the instructions below to begin populating subject data from Public Records in TOTAL.

  1. From your TOTAL Appraisal Desktop, click New on the upper left to create a new report.

    If you have an existing report that you want to populate with Public Records data, make sure you've added a major form, and you've entered the street address and ZIP code for the subject. Then, click Data, select Subject Public Records Data ‑ Launch, and skip to Step 3.
  2. At minimum, enter the Street address and ZIP code for the subject. Then, enter or adjust the Report Description, choose your SmartStart options, and click OK.
  3. In the Data Preview window, review the Public Records Values that were returned and compare them to any Existing Values in your report.

    Data in the Existing Values column only appears if you chose to use an existing report template, you chose to merge data from another report, or you're manually retrieving Public Records data via the Data menu in an existing report that contains values for those fields.
  4. Check the box in the Insert column next to each field where you want to transfer the data from Public Records to your report. Uncheck the box to leave the field unchanged and/or use the existing value. Check the Save data selections by County on export box on the lower right to have TOTAL remember your selections and use them the next time you populate Public Records.
  5. When you're finished, click OK.

That's it! Once you click OK, TOTAL automatically fills out your report and transfers the Public Records data for the selected fields to the corresponding fields in your report.