Work with Photo Pages

Getting Started Video — Placing images in your report
Click this video to see it in action!

The Photo Pages pane on the left side of the Photos PowerView displays all of the photo pages currently in your report.

Photo pages pane

To add additional photos pages:

  1. In the Photos PowerView, click Add at the top of the Photo Pages pane to bring up the Add or Remove Forms window.
  2. The list on the left shows the available photo pages in TOTAL. From this list, double-click a form you wish to add to your report, or select the form in the list of Available forms and click the Right Arrow.
  3. The list on the right displays the forms you've added to your report. Click and drag the new form to the desired position in the report.
  4. Continue to add photo forms and click OK when you're done.

Some additional options are available in the Photo Pages pane as well:

When a photo page is selected, it appears in the Photo Forms in Report panel on the right. Click the View Layout drop‑down menu to change how the form is displayed, and choose between Forms or Thumbnails.

Photo Forms in Report panel

Place Photos

To place a photo into a report:

  1. In the Photos PowerView, select the form from the Photo Pages pane on the left.
  2. Find the image in the Photo Sources pane.
  3. Click and drag the image from the Photo Sources pane and drop it in the appropriate slot in the Photo Forms in Report pane on the right.

Drag and drop photo