The Report's Order Form

The Order Form, available in the Assignment PowerView in every TOTAL report, contains all of the basic order info such as the report contacts, subject information, and additional information like an order map and directions to the subject property. To edit the report's order form:

  1. In a report in TOTAL, navigate to the report's order form. Usually the Order Form is the top-most form in your report.
  2. Fill out the details in the report's order form. At a minimum, be sure to select report contacts and fill out the subject property information. To add contacts to your report, do one of the following:

Order Form/Invoices

Add an invoice to your report at any time using the Order Form/Invoices pane on the left side of the Assignment PowerView.

  1. Click Add Invoice in the Order Form/Invoices pane.

    Add Invoice

  2. Select the type of invoice from the Add or Remove Forms window.
  3. Click Save & Close.

Once you've added an invoice to your report, select it in the Order Form/Invoices pane to view it from the Assignment PowerView. You can also send a PDF copy of your invoice using your default email application by clicking Send Invoice in the top toolbar.

Add Invoice

You must have an email client installed on your computer and configured with an email address in order to use the Send Invoice function. If you don't, or if you use a webmail application like Yahoo or Gmail, follow the instructions for printing your report to PDF (selecting only the invoice) and then manually attach that to an email message.

Export appointments to Outlook

To make it easier to keep track of your appointments, TOTAL includes a feature to export inspection details to Microsoft® Outlook. To export your appointment details to Outlook:

  1. First, simply fill out the Inspection Contacts & Access Information section of the Order form.

  2. Now, click the blue clock icon (  ), make any changes to the appointment, then click Export.

That's it! Your appointment has now been exported to Outlook, and is available in Outlook's Calendar.