Configure Settings

Follow the instructions below to configure your QuickSource settings and choose your preferred case for the fields you transfer to your report:

Keep in mind that changing your global preferred case changes the case preferences for all fields transferred to your report. If you want to change your case preferences for a particular field, click the link in the Data Preference Settings column to the right of the field in the Data Discrepancy view, and go to the Formatting Rules tab to change the case preferences for the selected field.
  1. From the Side‑by‑Side PowerView in your report, click QuickSource in the toolbar on the upper left.

  2. When the QuickSource window appears, click your username on the upper right and select Configure Settings.

  3. In the General tab, check or uncheck the Do not suggest changes to my Data Preferences box to disable or enable the prompt that is displayed when you manually override the default data sources multiple times.
    You can also check or uncheck the Save all property data to TOTAL on save regardless of viewed status box to disable or enable the ability for QuickSource to save all data to TOTAL every time you choose to save your progress.

  4. In the Formatting tab, choose your Global Preferred Case. Options include:

    Source Default
    This option makes no changes to the case of the text and transfers the data to your report exactly as it was retrieved from the data source.
    lower case
    This changes the case to all lower case letters for each word.
    Title Case
    This option capitalizes the first letter of each individual word.
    This changes the text to use all capital letters for each word.
    Sentence case
    This option capitalizes only the first letter of the first word. All subsequent words begin with a lower case letter.
  5. In the Shared Settings tab, check the box that says Share my settings with others on this account to share your own settings with the other users on this account. To use another user's settings, select that user from the I want to use the following person's settings dropdown.

  6. When you're finished, click Save on the lower right.