Photo Settings

TOTAL's photo settings affect how TOTAL automatically optimizes and formats your images.

TOTAL's image optimization settings are preset to those which have been tested to return the best results overall.  However, it's possible that you can adjust these settings to achieve better quality for your own images.  To change TOTAL's photo settings:

  1. In TOTAL, click Tools, Configure Settings.
  2. Click the Photos tab on the left.

  3. These settings help you set several options that determine how TOTAL will optimize your images.  The default settings have been shown to work across a broad cross-section of images.  However there are settings you can change if you'd like a different result:
  4. Occasionally, TOTAL will need to add a new photo page to accommodate an image you have inserted.  You can choose what type of photo page to add in the Page Settings dropdown.
  5. Click Apply or Save & Close to save your changes.


To configure AutoBrowse:

  1. From the Tools Menu, click Configure Settings.
  2. When the window opens, click Photos on the left.
  3. In the Configure AutoBrowse section, click Browse to set your parent folder.
  4. Click OK, then click Apply or Save & Close to save your changes.


  1. In TOTAL, click Tools, select Configure Settings and click Photos on the left.  Or, simply click the Settings button in the QuickPix Importer.

  2. In the QuickPix section, you can customize your QuickPix Importer and Database:
  3. When you're finished, click Save & Close on the lower right.