Math Calculator

You can now do basic math operations using TOTAL's Math Calculator so that you can drop those calculations into your report.  By running this option, a basic calculator appears on your screen to help you quickly calculate most common calculations as you build your appraisal.  In addition, TOTAL's Math Calculator can accept basic Excel-like formulas to assist you in making your calculations.  To perform calculations and insert them into your report:

  1. With a report open in TOTAL, place your cursor in the field where you want to insert your calculations.
  2. Click Tools, and select Math Calculator from the drop‑down menu.

  3. Use the basic calculator functions to determine a value OR enter an Excel formula into the bottom text box and click Eval.
  4. Select the decimal precision of your calculations by selecting the number of decimals to be used in the Decimals box.
  5. When you're ready to transfer the calculation to your report, click Insert.  If you need to run calculations on various fields, scroll to the field, place your cursor, and repeat steps 3-5.  If you want to close the calculator automatically after inserting the calculation into your report, check the box to Close after insert.