Drive Versions

Titan Drive allows you to easily share files between users. Drive Versions in TOTAL's Forms PowerView is an archive of the revisions made by users in other locations. Each time a file is modified from a different user/computer combination, and those changes are uploaded or stored in Titan Drive, the previous version is added to the archive to ensure files aren't accidentally overwritten.

To access the archive of Drive Versions and view the differences between your TOTAL report and any versions stored in Titan Drive:

  1. With your report open in TOTAL click Drive Versions in the toolbar at the top.

  2. In the window that appears, the archive list displays each version of the file, the username and location where a specific version was edited and by whom, as well as the date and time it was last modified. Select an archived version to load the contents of that version and view the differences.

    Depending on the file size of the version you selected, it may take a moment or two to download and display the contents of the report. When you select a version, a green progress bar appears to show you where it's at in the process of downloading and displaying the version you selected.
  3. Once the report is loaded, scroll through the report, or use the back and next arrows (  /  ) on the upper right to cycle through the differences between the selected version and the report you have open in TOTAL. Differences are highlighted in orange.

  4. To copy the data from the Titan Drive version of the report to your report in TOTAL, place your cursor in the field where the difference occurs, and click Copy Selected Data. You can also press Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy the data.

  5. Then, place your cursor in the same field in your report, press Ctrl+K on your keyboard to clear all data from that field (if necessary), and press Ctrl+V to paste the data into your report.
    There's no need to press Ctrl+K to clear data from the field if the field in your report is blank, or you just want to append the data from the Titan Drive version to the data in your report. Simply place your cursor in the field (after any existing data if you're appending), and press Ctrl+V to paste.
  6. When you're finished reviewing differences and/or transferring data from the Drive Version to your TOTAL report, click Close on the lower right.