Categories help you to easily organize your reports by allowing you to organize by appraisers in your office, due dates, clients, neighborhoods, or any organizational structure you choose.  There are six, color–coded categories you can use.  To configure your categories:

  1. From the Appraisal Desktop, click Categorize and select Manage Report Categories from the drop‑down menu.

  2. In the Report Categories section:

  3. When you've finished updating, click Save & Close.

Apply Category

To apply a category to a report or group of reports:

  1. Open the Appraisal Desktop.
  2. Select a report or a group of reports.
  3. Click Categorize and select the appropriate category from the drop‑down menu.

    You can also apply a category to a report by right–clicking the report and selecting Categorize from the menu.
  4. That's it!  Repeat the steps above to apply another category to another report or group of reports.

To remove a category, open the Appraisal Desktop and select your report.  Click Categorize, and choose Clear Report Category.

Categories are installation-specific, and can't be transferred using Titan Drive.