Area Estimator

Using the Area Estimator, enter simple side measurements to estimate the area of your site automatically.

To use the Area Estimator:

  1. In an open report, click Tools, and select Area Estimator from the drop‑down menu.

    Area Estimator

    Or, access the Area Estimator by clicking the icon at the end of the Dimensions field.

    Area Estimator Icon

    Notice that you can enter multiple measurements in this field, and separate them all with any of the following:

  2. In the window that appears, the dimensions entered on the form (if any) appear automatically.  There are a few things you can do with the dimensions in the Area Estimator:
  3. Select your default measurements for estimation.  These settings are remembered for future calculations.
  4. Finally, set your preferences for how the Area Estimator behaves in the future.
  5. Once you enter your dimensions and set your preferences, click Insert.  The result is inserted in the Area field on the form, and your settings are stored for future use.

    Area Estimator