Creating a Profile

Follow the instructions below to create a profile that you can display on your site's staff profiles page:

  1. In your site's User Management, select the user account from the list of users on the left, or add a new user.  Then scroll down to the User Information section.
  2. If you'd like to include this user in your Staff Profiles page, check the Show this user on my Staff Profiles content page box at the top of the User Information section.  If you'd like to include this user's address with their profile, check the subsequent box as well.
  3. At a minimum fill out the First Name and Last Name fields.  Then, complete the address and phone number fields as desired.
  4. If you'd like to display the user's address information along with the staff profile, check the Display this User's Address box.
  5. Select an appropriate staff role for the user Type.  Roles include:
    If you are editing the profile for the Admin account, the user Type can't be changed.  It is automatically set to Admin.
  6. To attach a personal photo to your profile, click the Change link by Portrait.  Then:
  7. To write a biography for your profile, click Change next to Bio Text.  Then, use the content editor to create your bio.  When finished, just click OK to add it to your profile.
  8. When you're finished with your profile, remember to click Save at the bottom.