Registering New Domains

  1. When you're ready to register a domain, click the XSite button in the top toolbar.
  2. Click Manage Domains in the Content pane on the left.
  3. Click Add New Domain on the right.
  4. In the screen that appears, type the domain name you wish to register and click Check Availability. If your domain name is available, check the box to confirm that you understand you will receive a verification link via email that must be clicked within 15 days. Then, click Add Domain.
    Your XSite comes with one free domain name, shown next to Available domain credits in the screenshot below. To purchase more domain credits, click here.

Once registration is complete, your domain name may take 24 to 48 hours to become publicly available through the Internet. When that period has passed, your domain will direct customers to your XSite without any additional effort on your part.