Late Payment Notices

As is true with all businesses, occasionally clients just don't pay their bills.  For some, it may be a little too occasionally.  For those circumstances, your Enterprise Appraiser XSite comes equipped with a late payment notice feature you can enable to automate the collection notice process.  Here's how it works.

  1. You set up the late notice campaign by specifying who you want to receive it, how often, and under what conditions.
  2. As the date of delivery for a late notice approaches, you're sent a confirmation notice indicating what will be sent to your client.  This notice is always sent 3 days prior to the delivery of your late notice so that you can verify that you want to send it and disable that notice if you so choose.
    If you add someone to the late notice campaign less than 3 days prior to the time they would receive their first notice, the late notice is not sent until a full 3 days have passed.  This gives you the full 3 days to confirm that you still want to send the notice prior to its delivery.
  3. If you do not decide to interrupt the late notice, after 3 days, your XSite (powered by XSellerate) delivers the late payment notice to your client with the latest statement of account.  Since the statement of account is generated by summarizing the current payment and invoice activity on your site, you must ensure that you keep accurate accounting records on your XSite (or through synchronization with WinTOTAL) for this feature to work correctly.

To access your Late Payment Notices tools, place your cursor over Business Management in the main toolbar and click Notices in the toolbar that drops down.