Your XSite’s invoice manager provides a number of ways you can invoice your clients depending on the needs of the order.  With your XSite’s invoice manager, you can:

To open your XSite’s invoice manager, click the Invoices button in the Navigation pane to the left of Business Management.

If you use WinTOTAL Aurora, TOTAL, or Titan Reports as your formfilling software, you can manage your invoices from within your formfiller without ever accessing your XSite.  All you need to do is to enable XSite Integration features.  For more information about this process, see your formfiller's guide.

In the invoice manager, the left side of the screen shows a snapshot and totals for all your invoices.  You can quickly filter this list for a particular client using the drop-down list.  Likewise, to see the list of invoices in a subtotal, just click the description such as “30 days”, “60 days”, etc.