Granting Privileges

As you create new user accounts and profiles for the members of your staff, you should give strong consideration to the distribution of access rights inside your site. By limiting access rights to just those members of your team that absolutely need them, you secure your website against both accidental and intentional damage. To grant or revoke access privileges for any user account in your site:

  1. From User Management, click on the user profile under Site Users and then scroll down to the User Privileges section.
  2. Check the box beside a permission to grant access to that feature or remove the checkmark from the box beside a permission to revoke access. Permissions include:

    Accounting and Order Management
    This privilege grants access to office level details about orders, order distribution, accounting, and invoicing. As it's intended for an owner or office manager, you should only assign this privilege to someone who you intend to have access to all the business and financial data for your company. Users with this privilege can see all orders in TOTAL Connect.
    Contact Management
    While any XSite user that you create can view your contacts, you have control over who has the right to edit them. Check this box to grant a user the right to edit your contacts in XSites and WinTOTAL.
    If you've tied WinTOTAL to your XSite, any of the privileges you flag in your XSite also apply to related data in WinTOTAL. For instance, if you check the Contact Management box in your Appraiser XSite, that user will have complete control over your contacts in both your XSite and in WinTOTAL.
    Online Ordering
    This privilege allows a user to receive online orders, as well as view and deliver them in TOTAL Connect. The appraiser's name becomes available for selection by a client on your online order form, and an admin user can assign orders to them.
    Payments and Credit Card Processing
    By enabling this feature, you grant access to the accounting, invoicing, and credit card processing features of your XSite. By default this option grants appraiser level access to each of the features mentioned, but when coupled with the Order Management privilege, a user can access and manage the accounting, invoicing, and credit card processing data for the entire office.
    Allows the user to use the Vault link in My Office to automatically log in to your Vault account.
    While we're transitioning from Vault to Titan Drive, various file names, buttons, and settings still refer to Vault and Exact. Even though they say Vault or Exact, these buttons and settings are also used for Titan Drive.
    InterFlood Access
    Allows the user to access your InterFlood account using their XSite username and password.
    This permission grants a user the right to edit the look and design of your website. As such, you should only grant this privilege to a trusted site designer in your office.
    User Management
    By default, users can always access and administrate their own user profiles when they log in to their XSite account. By granting them this permission, you allow them to change any of the profiles in your XSite. Only grant this permission to someone whom you trust to administrate the contact information for the staff listed in your User Management.
  3. Click Save on the lower right of the User Management screen to save your changes.

You can automatically grant the most common privileges associated with the various office staff roles in your office by selecting the appropriate role while creating a profile. Roles include appraiser, office manager, trainee, and other (a custom role).