Even though your XSite has powerful online ordering capabilities some clients still want to use their fax machine to place orders with you.  And that's OK - because your XSite can easily take any faxed order and turn it into a digital order using our DirectFax technology.

To Use DirectFax Yourself:

With DirectFax, your clients can fax orders (and any accompanying documentation) just like they normally would.  But instead of you hassling with loose individual papers that can be easily lost, DirectFax converts all the documents into one nice, neat and manageable PDF file.  The PDF goes right into the DirectFax filter you find in the Orders section of your XSite's Business Management tools and you get an instant email  letting you know it's there.  Then you decide to create the order from the PDF or delete it.  To take advantage of DirectFax:

  1. In your XSite's order management, two links appear to the left: one for a DirectFax Order Form and one for a DirectFax Cover Sheet.  Click the link that reflects which item you want to print.
  2. Print out copies of either of these forms and get them in the hands of your clients that want to fax you orders.  You can even print either form to a PDF file and email it to your clients if you wish.
  3. Once your client sends their fax to our secure servers, it gets converted it into a PDF file that is immediately uploaded to your XSites Order section.  An email is sent to you letting you know you've just received a DirectFax order.
  4. To retrieve the order, log back into the admin area of your XSite, hover your cursor over the Business Management icon, and then click the Orders button in the toolbar that appears.  Then, click the DirectFax Orders link in the lower left side of the page to see what's been submitted.

Now create the order and it's just as if your client went to your XSite and placed the order online.  Sync up with WinTOTAL and get started on the report immediately.

To Give your Clients Access to DirectFax:

Your clients can also download both of the DirectFax forms right from your XSite.  You can make links to both appear in the Order an Appraisal and Client Login pages of your site so that your clients can print an order form or cover sheet to submit an order or supporting documents.  By default, these links are disabled, but if you want to enable them, check the Enable DirectFax Ordering box in the Fees Setup area of Business Management.


In addition, you can enable the Fax an Order content page in the My Content step of the XSite Wizard.  To do so:

  1. Click the XSite icon in the toolbar at the top.
  2. Next, click My Content in the Content pane on the left.
  3. Find and check the Fax an Order box in the list of Provided pages.
  4. Click Save to accept your changes.
For best results, remember to move on to the next step and place the Fax an Order page in your preferred location on your websites button navigation.  For more details, see the Organize Content section of this user guide.