Credit Card Setup

Before you can start processing credit cards, you need to connect your XSite with a Stripe account.  Follow the instructions below to connect your XSite with Stripe:

  1. Log in to your XSite, and click Business Management in the toolbar at the top.
  2. From the Business Management landing page, click Credit Cards on the lower right.

    If you're starting from a different area of Business Management, click Credit Card in the Navigation pane on the left.

  3. When the Credit Card Setup screen appears, click the Connect with Stripe button.

  4. Next, you're redirected to the Stripe website to create a new account and allow your XSite to connect with Stripe.  If you already have a Stripe account, click Sign in on the upper right.

  5. Once you're signed in, or if you're creating a new account, proceed to answer any questions and fill out your information on the form.  When you're finished, click Authorize access to this account.

That's it!  Once you've authorized your XSite to access your Stripe account, you're ready to begin processing credit card payments.  But, before you begin accepting credit card payments from your clients, it's a good idea to process a $1 test charge with your Stripe account.  Your first charge takes 7 days to process, so to avoid any gaps between payments while you wait for the first charge to clear, it's important that you get it out of the way before you begin accepting payments that affect your business.  Once your first transaction has cleared, any subsequent transactions will be processed within 2 days.  Click here for instructions on processing a $1 test charge.