Credit card processing with Stripe

Enterprise Appraiser XSites include online credit card processing so you can quickly and easily accept payments any time, anywhere, and process payments securely.  You can accept credit card payments online before you ever deliver the completed order to your client — giving you peace of mind that payment for your hard work won't be left to chance.

XSites have had credit card integration for years — even before it was commonplace for small businesses to accept credit card payments online.  Back then, the simplified Merchant account sign‑up process and built‑in payment features in your XSite made it simple to get paid for your work.

But, credit card processing technology has come a long way since those features were released, and the banking requirements we have to comply with get stricter every year — just like your appraisal regulations do.  In light of this, we've decided to switch our integration to an industry leader.  By updating XSites to integrate with Stripe for credit card processing, you can accept credit card payments with less hassle and lower fees.

Here are just a few of the benefits of switching to Stripe:

To get started, simply click Credit Card in the Navigation pane of the Business Management area of your XSite, or click Credit Cards from the Business Management landing page.