Configuring Late Payment Notices

To enable this feature, you need only tell your XSite what account situation merits a collection notice and then tell it how often to send a follow up notice.  Here's how.

  1. From your XSite's Late Notices tool, click the Notice Setup tab.  From here you can view a Frequently Asked Questions page and a sample late notice by clicking the available links at the top of the screen.  If you wish to skip this and proceed to setup, scroll down to the Campaign Options section.
  2. In the Campaign Options section, use the field provided to type in the number of days late a client must be to receive a late payment notice.
  3. Next, type in a minimum amount the client must owe in order to receive a notice.
  4. Then, type in a frequency (in days) with which you want the late notice reminders to go out.

  5. In the Campaign Recipients section, find and select all the clients to whom you wish to deliver late payment notices or just select all clients.  Click the left arrow to move the selected clients into the Selected Recipients list.

    Some appraisers remove all "good" clients from the list of Selected Recipients to ensure that they never get a late payment notice.  If you feel that it would not benefit your business relationship to send a late notice to clients who usually pay on time, just remove them from the Selected Recipients list by clicking their names and then clicking the right arrow.
  6. Finally, in the Campaign Notification section, choose another staff member (if any) that you wish to notify about pending late payment notices.  As the admin of your XSite, you always receive a notice prior to the late notice going to your client.  The staff member you select should be one who can take up the role of previewing these notices to ensure that they should go out on the specified date.

  7. When finished, click Save to activate your late notice campaign.