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Edit Images


In an ideal world, every photo you take is perfect. But in the real world, images are often over- or under-exposed or must be cropped to eliminate unwanted obstructions. WinTOTAL’s Image Optimizer is designed to help with just such tasks. To edit any photo:.

  1. From the Images PowerView, double-click any thumbnail or full image to open the Image Optimizer. Or, select the image and click Optimize in the toolbar.
  2. Then, in the Image Optimizer, just edit your images with any of the provided options.  Options include:
    • Light adjustment
    • Size changes
    • Color scale
    • Cropping
    • Sharpness
    • Annotation
    • File size
  3. As necessary, click the Show All Report Images button to the bottom left of the Image Optimizer to see all the images in your current report, drag a corner of the image optimizer to expand it, or click Restore Image to revert your changes back to the original photo.


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