Workfile View


While WinTOTAL provides a full array of workfile management features inside each report, it’s often faster to manage your workfile from the Appraisal Desktop since you do not have to open the report and since you can quickly move from one report to the next.  To manage your report’s workfile from the File Cabinet…

  1. In the Appraisal Desktop, click to select the desired file.
  2. Click the Workfile tab at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Next, click Edit to open the workfile for editing. From here, you have several options:
    • To view any item in your workfile – Double-click it to open it in its native application.
    • To add new items into your workfile – Simple select, drag, and drop files from any other window or click Browse and navigate out to the desired files to add them into your workfile.
    • To scan new items into your workfile – Click Scan and use your scanning software to generate a new scan.  When your scanning software is finished scanning your documents, WinTOTAL adds them into your workfile automatically.

For information about additional workfile functions or details on using the workfile inside your report, see the Workfile PowerView section of this user’s guide.