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Work with Maps


Once maps have been added to your report, you have several options for working with those maps.  To edit maps that are already in your report…

  1. From the Maps PowerView, click a map page you want to edit in the Map Pages pane on the left.

  2. Then, you can edit several aspects about the map using the options provided.  Options include:
    • Editing the Map Form – Just edit the text in the map form by typing directly into the form.
    • Collapsing/Expanding Map Pages - Click Collapse All UpArrowMinus to reduce the forms to headers. Then, click the header of the form you want to edit to expand it. Click the header again to collapse it. Or, click Expand All DownArrowPlus to expand all of the forms at once.
    • Replacing the Current Map - To replace an existing map, select the map in the Map pages pane and then click Replace in the toolbar. Depending upon the type of map you select, the wizard launches with those options selected.  
    • Editing the Existing Map - Selecting a map and clicking Edit reopens the map in the Map Wizard where you can further enhance it.
    • Deleting the Map  - To delete a map, select it and click Delete.