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Synchronize WinTOTAL


For files you need to keep in sync with your online products like Vault or your XSite, WinTOTAL includes a synchronization tool called “net.X Connect” that harnesses the power of our net.X technology to give you the fullest control over what is sync’d and what isn’t.  Whenever you update a report with new order information, change the internal status of a report, mark a report to send to the Vault, or make any other changes that require WinTOTAL to update information on your online accounts, WinTOTAL adds those changes to a queue that you can preview before the changes are posted to your online accounts.  These changes are broken down and separated into the 5 different queues that you can control:

  1. An order download queue that downloads new and changed orders from your XSite into WinTOTAL.
  2. An order upload queue that compares your orders in WinTOTAL with your orders in your XSite and then uploads the new or changed orders that it finds.
  3. A status message queue that holds all of the status messages for XSite orders that could not be sent when the status was updated (for example, if you were offline when you updated the status).
    NOTE: Status messages and client notifications can only be synchronized and sent for orders placed through your XSite.  Statuses for any other orders are for internal use only and won't be sent to your client.
  4. A contact queue that holds all of the contact information that has changed in WinTOTAL since the last time you sync'd with your XSite.
  5. The last queue is actually no more than direct integration with the Vault system.  If you opt to use this feature, net.X Connect forces Vault to upload any pending files immediately but Vault will still run at the regularly scheduled time regardless of whether or not you choose to upload pending Vault files through net.X Connect.

Since each of these queues is self managing, all you need to do to add something to the queue is to update it.  In other words, create or change an order in WinTOTAL or your XSite, update the internal status of an order, or flag some files to send to the Vault. Keep in mind that if you’re using Vault’s watched folders feature, new and updated files are added to the Vault’s upload queue automatically and you need not do anything. Then, when you’re ready to send those changes to the web, you can approve them at your convenience.


Syncing with net.X Connect

To preview and send updates that are queued to go to the web:

  1. From the Appraisal Desktop, click net.X Connect in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  2. If you’re running net.X Connect for the first time, be sure to configure it per the steps in the Integrate with XSites section in the Configure WinTOTAL chapter of this user’s guide.
  3. In the screen that appears, check the boxes to indicate what you want to sync to the web.  Options are:
    • Download New & Changed Orders from XSite
      • When downloading new and changed orders, you can limit the downloaded orders to those modified since a date of your choice.
    • Upload New & Changed Orders to XSite
      • When uploading new and changed orders, you can limit the uploaded orders to those modified since a date of your choice.
    • Send Status and/or Client Notifications (XSite orders only)
    • Synchronize your contacts on the XSite and in WinTOTAL
    • Upload Vault Files
  4. If you mark the Upload New & Changed Orders to XSite or Send Status and/or Client Notifications options, mark or unmark the orders listed in the respective boxes to indicate whether net.X Connect should send the information for that order.
    NOTE: The only orders that appear in this list are those for which you’ve enabled XSite Integration.  To learn more about how to enable XSite Integration on an order, see the Set Up Order Preferences section of the Order PowerView chapter in the manual.
  5. For statuses, if you want to edit the message that accompanies a status notice, click the Edit link beside it. Then, change the status, notes, or client contact information as necessary and click Update when you’re finished.


  6. When finished, click Connect to apply the synchronization.
  7. Then, WinTOTAL’s net.X synchronization screen appears showing you a live indicator of what it’s syncing to the Internet. 


    • If you indicated you wanted to send files to the Vault, be sure to click Finish once the upload is complete. 
    • As WinTOTAL synchronizes your data with your XSite, it compares the information in your XSite with the information in WinTOTAL.  If it finds differences in the data in those locations, it prompts you about which data you’d like to use.  Just mark the option above the data you want to use and click OK to continue.


    HINT: To save time you can configure WinTOTAL to always use the data from WinTOTAL or your XSite instead of prompting you each time there are conflicts between the data in each location.  For more information about how to change this default, see the Integrate with XSites section of the Configure WinTOTAL chapter in this user’s guide.
  8. When the synchronization is complete, click Close to close the net.X synchronization screen or check the Automatically close box first if you’d prefer that WinTOTAL closes this screen for you in the future.


Sync History

As you use net.X Connect to synchronize WinTOTAL with your XSite or your Vault account, you may want to see a detailed history of what you’ve sync’d.  To view all items that have been successfully synchronized…

  1. From the Appraisal Desktop, click Tools, net.X Connect History.
  2. When you’re finished viewing your history, click OK to close it.