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Synchronize Contacts


Another option for setting up your contacts database is to synchronize it with your XSites Contacts Database. Unlike importing, when you synchronize your contacts, names that appear in one database are copied to the other automatically. So if you’ve added a name in your WinTOTAL Contacts Database, it is copied to your XSite Contacts list. Or if you’ve added a contact in Outlook, you can upload it to your XSite and it is then added to the WinTOTAL Contacts Database. To synchronize contacts with your XSite…

  1. First, make sure that you’ve associated WinTOTAL with your XSite.
  2. From WinTOTAL’s contact manager, click the Sync menu and choose XSite OR simply run net.X Connect to sync your contacts and all other XSite-related data.

WinTOTAL quickly synchronizes your WinTOTAL contacts with those in your XSite so you can maintain the same list in both places.